this great woman,
there is an excellent wine.

“A woman whose life and grand personality, shares a story for us all.

Olga left her family a grand legacy linked to wine for over more than 40 years, and which transmits her way of living. A story which begins from start with a great woman and ends with a glorious wine”.

The Wine /

A single variety grape called Albariño, which proceeds from a selected and natural harvest, with an autochthonous yeast in the region of Val Do Salnes (Galicia Northern Spain). This wine has balanced acid, in order for you to taste its subtle sweetness and enriched nuances, which will make you, feel it was worth trying.
This is what defines Olga, surprisingly original, and different to what´s expected, true to what it wants to be.

More info

We have learnt with Olga, that everyone is welcome to the family. If you wish to be a part of our family, which we are very proud of, place an order, or simply just have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.