The Wine /

All the character of a women, represented in a bottle of 100% Albariño wine, produced in the the Rias Baixas region (South coast Galicia, Low estuaries) under the Denomination of Origin regulation.

A wine which will leave a mark on you, just like her.

The Earth /

Nobody can choose where they´re born, this is why we feel extremely fortunate. We are blessed by a very rich land, generous in granite, including sand and clay sediments.
Because, we never forget our past, we have maintained for over 40 years, the traditional way of planting and caring for our vines with a Espalier technique, we also honor our vines by rod and spur pruning. The force of the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds us, reminds us that only hard work, produces the best quality standard.

Wine Taste /

Visual phase: Lemon yellow color with green highlights. Cristal clear with shine. Dense.
Olfactory phase: Complex, intense, moderately saline.
Gustatory phase: Dry and trenchant. Wide taste, fleshy, elegant with a lingering retro nasal aspect and pleasant aftertaste.

Elaboration /

Olga would never forgive us, for not elaborating our wine the most natural way. To disguise or alter what we are, in addition, we know that it´s the only way to get the best quality.
Hence, our selected harvest is done manually and that, both the fermentation is carried out with natural autochthonous yeasts, as the degradation of malic acid with lactic bacteria of which all are autochthonous.